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Happy International Nurses Day!

Happy International Nurses Day!
Here at SOS Healthcare staffing we celebrate May 12th for all our hard-working nurses and staff. The efforts the team has displayed these past few years has exceeded all expectations and provided extraordinary care during our recent pandemic.
Nursing has not always been a respected profession. The woman who changed the world as we know it for nursing was Florence Nightingale. She grew up in the 1800’s in a time where the most respected career was getting married and raising a family. Many young women were not formally educated. Florence was educated at home and had a zest for learning. It is recorded that Florence excelled in math and spoke six different languages.
Florence Nightingale began following her dream at age 30 when she went to Germany for a formal education in nursing. Her heart was to serve others and to lessen human suffering. By 1853 Florence Nightingale was the head of a hospital in London serving governesses who could not afford private care. Her journey continued to support the military during the Crimean war and to set new standards for patient care. Through her tireless efforts to provide medicine, healthy food, and a clean environment the death rate at the military facility dropped substantially.
Today the profession of nursing is not a career for just woman as 10% of today’s nurses are men according to the World Health Organization. The need for nurses is growing across the country.
Florence Nightingale lived her passion and paved the way for many to follow in her footsteps. Our team is here to support you in your career growth and to light the way to new opportunities whether it is your desire to travel, change your scheduling availability, or to pick up per diem shifts for extra income. We receive new assignments every day and will guide you to identify the best fit you and your life-style.
We Celebrate You!