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Make the Most of Your Summer Getaway!

Summer Travel Tips

Whether you’re heading to the beach or one of our nation’s stunning national parks, summer vacations are a welcome escape. Having a game plan for your trip can help ensure that your journey is full of fun and adventure, instead of stress.

Here are a few key tips to make the most out of your warm-weather getaway:

Set A Budget.  Your summer vacation shouldn’t put you in the poor house. Setting a budget in advance makes everything easier, from choosing a location to knowing how much you can spend on souvenirs. (And you won’t come home suffering from buyer’s regret.)

Use Travel Apps To Help You Plan.  Smartphones revolutionized vacation planning, making it far simpler than it’s ever been before. Apps like Hopper can tell you exactly when to book your flight for the best fares, while Airbnb can help you choose your lodging, and even which experiences you can take part in once you’re there.

Make A Packing List.  How many times have you left for a vacation, only to realize an hour into it that you forgot your phone charger or your camera, or your baby’s snuggly? Nothing saves more time – and stress – than writing down everything that you’ll need in advance. Use your list as you pack, checking off each item as you go.

Involve Your Family In Planning.  They say you can’t please all the people all the time, but you can sometimes come pretty close. When you involve everyone in the planning process, it is much easier to make sure all needs are met. Offer up a variety of ideas and take a vote. Some favorite ideas include beach vacations, road trips, and outdoor adventures.

Nothing says “summer” more than a week at the beach – hours spent lounging on the shore, reading trashy novels, while the kids bury each other in the sand. Here are the 25 Best Family Beaches, according to – you might find something to inspire you!

From seeing unique and unusual sites to sampling regional cuisine, a road trip can provide the opportunity to try many new things. Summer is the perfect time to hit the road, when the kids don’t have to be back in school for months, and you can take all the time in the world (or all the time your employer will allow you). Here are the best road trips for 2018, according to The Street.

Nature offers so many options – from camping and backpacking to kayaking, to rock climbing – it’s hard to choose just one. Vacationing in nature is often a money-saving option: this choice removes the cost of hotels and restaurant meals. Here are the best outdoor destinations for those on a budget (but you don’t need to be low on funds to enjoy these great destinations!)

Be Prepared For Anything

You never know what’s going to happen during a vacation, so prepare for anything! In addition to packing the safety essentials (first-aid kit, extra medications, emergency phone numbers, etc.), you should also become familiar with the local area. Know where the hospital is in case of emergency; know what, if any, local wildlife to watch out for, and know if there are any unsafe areas in town.

A little planning goes a long way toward ensuring a happy, fun summer trip – do your research in advance to make sure you experience the getaway of your dreams.

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