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New Innovations for Medical Staff

Have you adjusted to a new technology?
As we have all experienced many transitions and changes since the shut down in March of 2020 with COVID19 we are now exposed to new technology and ways to treat our patients.


Technology is assisting nurses to have their time freed up to be more efficient and informed while providing excellent patient care. From handheld mobile units and wearables to software-enabled command centers, these devices and apps offer nurses critical insights that are easy to access for the entire staff.
All-in-one mobile devices have streamlined patient care to save time. The miracle of a small portable device or wearable that tracks patient data, sends an alert and communicates necessary information to the nurse’s station is changing the face of medicine. The software-enabled command centers offer real-time updates, and help nurses stay more actively aware of schedules, patient needs and room availability. New technology has improved the patient experience taking some stress off of the nursing staff.
Here at SOS Healthcare, we are committed to assisting our staff of medical professionals to have the opportunity to grow with in their position by providing new situations to gain more expertise in their field using the latest technology.
SOS also offers clinical healthcare jobs in hospitals, long term care facilities, clinics, outpatient centers, surgical centers, correctional facilities, and mental health facilities. We staff various specialty areas for all positions.
We are dedicated to find the right person for the position and the right position for the person. Connect with our staff and discover new career opportunities.
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