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Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement

Let SOS Healthcare take the stress out of locating a full-time position. Our knowledgeable recruiters are familiar with great locations and hospitals in Colorado and around the United States to ensure a great fit!

SOS Healthcare Staffing’s recruiting agents will help compile the necessary documents, and then arrange phone interviews and on-site visits with client facilities. The benefits of this service include:

  • * Its Free to you!!
  • * Knowing the most current and available jobs
  • * Assistance throughout the entire process
  • * Insight of compensation packages (Pay, Relocation, Sign-On/Completion Bonuses)
  • * The ability to always give you an up-to-date status
  • * Over 3 decades building relationships with top quality facilities.

If you’re interested in securing a Full-Time position, click Apply Now to get started with one of the SOS Healthcare Staffing Recruiters.