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Spring Cleaning for Work, Diet, Home, and Habits

Spring Cleaning for Work, Diet, Home, and Habits

 It’s time to dust off the cobwebs, throw open the curtains and work on some of that stress that life sometimes creates.  Spring cleaning should not be confined to grand accomplishments in your physical spaces. Health benefits abound from making small, lasting changes in ALL areas of your life.


Work Clutter

A pile of papers here, a used coffee mug there – clutter distracts, creates stress, lowers your productivity, and can even cause injuries. Ever go digging for an important sticky note while on the phone? Trip over that thing you keep saying you’re going to put away? Feel like your work will never get done?

Set aside ten minutes to declutter one or two items at the start of your day before opening emails, checking your voicemails or pouring that first cup of coffee. Then take care of one more item before your workday ends. Not only will your space start to look better, but you’ll feel more productive as well. The next time someone calls or emails, you won’t be caught stressed out and scrambling.


Diet Decisions

Most poor diet decisions are made after we start to fade. Staying on top of the cause of the energy-drain is key. Did you eat breakfast? Have you been getting up and moving? Is the snack you’re about to grab going to give you a protein boost or is it destined to be a sugar high followed by an energy crash?

Try to replace extended sitting with a few minutes of standing or walking. Ignore the unhealthy snack and replace with a healthy one. Making healthy food decisions at the beginning of your day will give you a boost to make better decisions throughout.


A Calming Home

Maybe deep cleaning your whole home isn’t feasible at first. Find that one area that makes you feel the best when it’s clean. When you walk in the door, what is the first thing you notice? What’s the first space that makes you feel less stressed when it’s clean? Maybe it’s your kitchen counters, your couch, or front hallway. Maybe it’s opening an organized pantry, or using a decluttered bathroom counter.

Whatever that space is for you is where you should start your decluttering, cleaning, and organizing. You’ll feel less stressed walking in the door, and your improved mood may make you more excited to tackle the next area.


Refresh Your Habits

Letting tasks and clutter pile up can cause stress. Stress can lead to poor health decisions. Poor health can lead to anxiety and depression. All of these things can deplete your energy to tackle tasks and clutter. Break the cycle by refreshing your habits. Begin with the small things. Whatever is bothering you the most is a good place to start.

Allow the little, lasting changes affect ALL the areas of your life and refresh you. Adding small cleaning habits throughout the day declutters your space, helps you feel productive, adds physical movement and relieves stress.


Get ready for the sunshine – welcome to spring!