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The Importance of Maintaining Good Relationships at Work February is the month of Love! Valentines day brings a focus on romantic relationships, but many workers spend more time with co-workers than with their spouse and family – and that’s especially true in healthcare, where hours can be long and shifts erratic. That’s why it’s important for employees to not only have good working relationships with each other, but also with their boss, the hospital staff, and especially the patients. Keep reading for a few of our favorite ways to foster relationships in the workplace (and a few bonus tips for connecting with

Shifts in the New Year (2018 Reflections & 2019 Resolutions) As we near the year’s end, it’s a time for reflection. Maybe your year was amazing; maybe it was something you’d rather forget. But as you think back on 2018, it’s not just a time for considering what went wrong, but also to celebrate the victories - no matter how small - and a time to plan your resolutions for the new year ahead. A Look Back Before you plan for the year ahead, it’s helpful to take stock of what’s happened in the past 12 months. Perhaps there were a lot of

Honoring National Family Caregivers Month November is National Family Caregivers Month. Every year, this time is used to recognize and honor the family and friends who dedicate themselves to caring for a loved one. According to the Caregivers Action Network, “Caregivers are superheroes. Managing medications. Getting to doctor appointments. Balancing work and home.”  As Healthcare professionals, you might see the caregivers as much as the patients they care for. This year’s theme is “Supercharge Your Caregiving.” About National Family Caregivers Month The Caregiver Action Network began promoting national recognition of family caregivers in 1994. President Clinton signed the first National Family Caregivers Month Presidential

Travel Nursing Over the Holidays The holiday season is quickly approaching. As a travel nurse, that means that any job you accept now will likely carry you through December and into the new year. As a result, you need to start considering the holidays earlier than most. If you celebrate the holidays, there are several issues to consider. We’re going to provide a few tips and tricks to help make things a little easier (and ensure you have the best holiday season possible). Plan Ahead Flexibility is one of the biggest perks of travel nursing, but if you want to take advantage, you must

Reflections on Labor Day As we move towards Labor Day and summer comes to an end, it is important to remember the roots of this meaningful date. What many Americans regard as a just another holiday actually emerged from the great Labor Movement of the 18th and 19th centuries. Born of the need to protect the common worker, the movement fought for safer working conditions, better wages, and an end to child labor. In 1894, the contributions of those hard-working men and women were finally recognized when Labor Day became an official federal holiday. Since then, the first Monday of every

What License Does It Take to Be a Travel Nurse? A career as a travel nurse can be exciting and fun. With short assignments and the ability to travel all around the country, you can gain valuable work experience while also checking items off your bucket list. It’s not all fun and games, though–travel nurses require the same education and licensing as any other RN, and sometimes more. Education There isn’t one straight path to becoming an RN. A variety of programs are available, depending on what suits your needs. The most common are: Earning an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) from

Tips on Healthy Foods That Pack Easily Summertime is the perfect time for eating outdoors. And with July being National Picnic Month, it’s the ideal time to think about your next al fresco feast. When planning a picnic, many people rely on old-school, unhealthy comfort foods. While greasy fried chicken and mayo-laden pasta salads may taste great, they’re not great for you. Wouldn’t it be better if you could pack delicious food that didn’t blow your healthy eating plan? Below are some tasty summer treats that you can feel good about eating: Main Courses Whole Grain Pasta Salad or Quinoa Salad Whole grain salads are the

Summer Travel Tips Whether you’re heading to the beach or one of our nation's stunning national parks, summer vacations are a welcome escape. Having a game plan for your trip can help ensure that your journey is full of fun and adventure, instead of stress. Here are a few key tips to make the most out of your warm-weather getaway: Set A Budget.  Your summer vacation shouldn’t put you in the poor house. Setting a budget in advance makes everything easier, from choosing a location to knowing how much you can spend on souvenirs. (And you won’t come home suffering from buyer’s regret.) Use

A career as a travel nurse can be very fulfilling – and exciting. Travel nurses get to travel the country, exploring new cities, and meeting new friends along the way. Assignments can last anywhere from 4 – 13 weeks on average, leaving you lots of time to see the sites, sample the cuisine, and become familiar with local culture. Plus, an experienced nurse has their pick of cities – can you think of any other profession that allows you to visit all the places on your bucket list, and get paid to do it? This summer, a lot of cities are