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We all know Thomas Edison, Davy Crockett, George Washington, Mark Twain and Henry Ford. Each of these Americans have contributed to our history and our society. We learn about them in school and we carry that information with us throughout our lives. Nursing has its own history, one of which you probably didn’t study in school. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have our share of famous historical nurses. Some of the names may even surprise you.   Mary Eliza Mahoney If Mary isn’t a household name, she should be. Technically, Mahoney is the first African-American registered nurse – a pioneer in her industry

For many Americans, the holidays are a time to let yourself go and not worry about things until January 1st and the inevitable New Year’s Resolution. But for caregivers, this isn’t always an option. Self-care is important to include in your daily plan, especially if your job is taking care of others. If you’re sick, rundown, or stressed, it impacts not only your health, but also that of your loved one or patient. Here are 4 ways you can take care of yourself this holiday season and not feel burned out by the time January rolls around: Be Grateful — One of the best ways to relieve stress

Gratitude is linked to feelings of thankfulness and kindness which is returned for a similar act of kindness. Many people feel that gratitude is something you can only display for others, but that isn’t true. Self-gratitude is important and in fact it has been linked to a reduction in stress as well as alleviating feelings of depression. This is especially important for caregivers and nurses who provide acts of kindness every day through their work, but who oftentimes do not feel gratitude themselves. Here’s how caregivers can show themselves love and grace by feeling gratitude: One of the best things you can do to show gratitude towards yourself is to

When you look back on the history of healthcare and the medical industry, you may be surprised to find items that were considered on the “cutting edge” for their time period. Thankfully, we no longer consider leeches to be a common treatment method and anesthesia and antiseptics have made operating rooms much safer than they were a hundred years ago. But what about the here and now? What can current healthcare workers do to be more technologically savvy? Here are a few tips for how to appropriately incorporate technology into your life and career: Be safe — One of the biggest issues that comes up with healthcare technology

Travel nursing has many benefits, such as exploring new places, numerous job opportunities, and experiencing new friendships, to name a few. Taking care of yourself while being away from home, though, may mean you need to take extra care of yourself to be at your best. As summer starts to wind down, having a few fall items in your arsenal can lift your spirits and lighten the lives of those around you while embracing the season. Check out these fun ideas to make your Fall a little warmer as the temperature dips. Create Smiles with Stickers You don’t have to wait until Halloween. Grab some fun stickers screaming falling leaves, carved pumpkins,

When you think about summer, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, it’s probably fun in the sun, vacation, and kicking back to relax. For nurses, however, summer can mean short-staffed shifts, longer days, an increase in the number of accidents to tend to, and worrying about your kids while school is out. With so many competing priorities, it’s vital for nurses to take a few minutes to brush up on steps they can take to stay safe and healthy through the hot summer months. Stay hydrated – Face it, you are on the go all day, and

Using a Staffing Company for Your Nursing Needs If there you are like most people, there is never enough time to get done what you need to do. That’s especially true for medical professionals. Add to that the challenges of recruiting, staffing, and personnel management and it can make your head spin. What if you could off-load these tasks to an experienced medical professional staffing company? When you engage with a staffing company to handle your nursing needs you are getting a team of professionals dedicated to making your job easier. That applies to both temporary per diem help and long-term hires. Using

Celebrating Nurses During the Month of May Each May we set aside time to express our appreciation for the passionate and dedicated professionals who contribute so much to the health and well being of each of us—nurses. The commemorative month kicks off on May 6th with National Nurse’s Day. The week of May 6th-12th is designated as National Nurses Week, and everyone is encouraged to use the week to let the nurses in our lives know just how special they are. This year’s theme, “4 Million Reasons to Celebrate,” is a reminder of the many selfless individuals who make such a difference in our

Spring Cleaning for Work, Diet, Home, and Habits  It’s time to dust off the cobwebs, throw open the curtains and work on some of that stress that life sometimes creates.  Spring cleaning should not be confined to grand accomplishments in your physical spaces. Health benefits abound from making small, lasting changes in ALL areas of your life.   Work Clutter A pile of papers here, a used coffee mug there - clutter distracts, creates stress, lowers your productivity, and can even cause injuries. Ever go digging for an important sticky note while on the phone? Trip over that thing you keep saying you’re going

  Tax Tips for Healthcare Workers As a healthcare worker, you're constantly on the go. Long hours at work and a stressful job mean that taxes are likely the last thing on your mind. But knowing what deductions you can and cannot take, as well as what documents you should have in order, can make the difference between a healthy refund or none at all. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure you max out your deductions and keep more of your money come tax time: Understand Regulations Just because you read up on tax law last year doesn’t mean nothing has changed.