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2020 has not been an easy year!  We have had a global pandemic that has caused loss of life, employment, education and connection with those things and people we love. Many of us have taken on new responsibilities such as home schooling our children or caring for sick family members in addition to the already full days of work.  On top of that, we have fires, hurricanes, drought and an election!  It’s easy to feel a heightened state of anxiety with everything going on. You typically might find yourself worrying about things like your health, money, family problems, but if you start

Our team at SOS Healthcare is honored to be selected to help provide nurses for the nationwide Covid-19 Sero prevalance Survey. Our nurses have stepped up to help! About this survey CDC is conducting a nationwide COVID-19 seroprevalence survey in 25 U.S. metropolitan areas to understand the percentage of people in the United States who may have been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. This is the largest nationwide COVID-19 seroprevalence survey to date, and it will be conducted in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Vitalant Research Institute (VRI), and large blood collection organizations, including

This pandemic is causing stress in every person on the planet, but especially those who are in the health care industry.  The strain of this will be showing up for years to come.  That’s why it is more important than ever to implement some simple ways to care for your mental health.   Enjoy Nature The great outdoors is still open for business. When you have time, go outside and walk around, the fresh air and simply moving your body can keep you from feeling stuck mentally. Nature is not just the wilderness, it can also be found in our community parks or

Health care workers are in a very difficult position being on the front lines of Covid-19 and their mental health should not be overlooked. Workers are likely to experience fear, anxiety and even anger as they work to help people. They are in a battle caring for patients while dealing with concerns about their own well-being and that of their family and friends. Healthcare workers already had a stressful job day to day, and the additional stresses from Covid-19, where there are many unknowns, makes it more difficult. As a healthcare worker, what can I do protect my mental health? Remember, your

  Like almost every profession on the planet, nursing has changed significantly in the past few years. To celebrate Certified Nurses Day (March 19, 2020), we wanted to highlight some of these major changes. Here are nine different ways that nursing has changed over the years: Changing Locations — Twenty years ago, most nurses worked at either a hospital or a private practice. Today, home health care is really changing the way patients are treated. More and more nurses are finding jobs outside of the traditional locations giving them unique experiences. This includes the opportunity to become a travel nurse.   Demographics —

We all know Thomas Edison, Davy Crockett, George Washington, Mark Twain and Henry Ford. Each of these Americans have contributed to our history and our society. We learn about them in school and we carry that information with us throughout our lives. Nursing has its own history, one of which you probably didn’t study in school. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have our share of famous historical nurses. Some of the names may even surprise you.   Mary Eliza Mahoney If Mary isn’t a household name, she should be. Technically, Mahoney is the first African-American registered nurse – a pioneer in her industry

For many Americans, the holidays are a time to let yourself go and not worry about things until January 1st and the inevitable New Year’s Resolution. But for caregivers, this isn’t always an option. Self-care is important to include in your daily plan, especially if your job is taking care of others. If you’re sick, rundown, or stressed, it impacts not only your health, but also that of your loved one or patient. Here are 4 ways you can take care of yourself this holiday season and not feel burned out by the time January rolls around: Be Grateful — One of the best ways to relieve stress

Gratitude is linked to feelings of thankfulness and kindness which is returned for a similar act of kindness. Many people feel that gratitude is something you can only display for others, but that isn’t true. Self-gratitude is important and in fact it has been linked to a reduction in stress as well as alleviating feelings of depression. This is especially important for caregivers and nurses who provide acts of kindness every day through their work, but who oftentimes do not feel gratitude themselves. Here’s how caregivers can show themselves love and grace by feeling gratitude: One of the best things you can do to show gratitude towards yourself is to

When you look back on the history of healthcare and the medical industry, you may be surprised to find items that were considered on the “cutting edge” for their time period. Thankfully, we no longer consider leeches to be a common treatment method and anesthesia and antiseptics have made operating rooms much safer than they were a hundred years ago. But what about the here and now? What can current healthcare workers do to be more technologically savvy? Here are a few tips for how to appropriately incorporate technology into your life and career: Be safe — One of the biggest issues that comes up with healthcare technology

Travel nursing has many benefits, such as exploring new places, numerous job opportunities, and experiencing new friendships, to name a few. Taking care of yourself while being away from home, though, may mean you need to take extra care of yourself to be at your best. As summer starts to wind down, having a few fall items in your arsenal can lift your spirits and lighten the lives of those around you while embracing the season. Check out these fun ideas to make your Fall a little warmer as the temperature dips. Create Smiles with Stickers You don’t have to wait until Halloween. Grab some fun stickers screaming falling leaves, carved pumpkins,